Photo by Indra Leonardi | 2017
Photo by Benny Lim | 2017

Our Story

One Fine Sky is a social project that is moved by current economic situation in Indonesia. Born as a respond to economic struggles in some segment of our society, we are here to present a movement that empowers dreams – turning it into a reality.

One Fine Sky invites everyone to take part by purchasing our line up selection of wearable outfit, be it a stylish crisp white shirt, a comfort polo shirt, and a cool white cap. From each purchase, one primary school student in need will receive a set of school uniform. This uniform consists of a shirt, a pair of pants or a skirt, a tie and a cap. The brand new uniform is a symbol of encouragement to the students – a confidence boost that will fuel them to continuously move closer to their dreams.

Photo by Benny Lim | 2017
Photo by Benny Lim | 2017

Do Good. Look Good.

A simple action with a simple meaning. We believe that when we do something good, we feel good as well. It doesn’t hurt that we look good in the process! All One Fine Sky products are proudly made in Indonesia – our home country.

To us, the process matters. We pay attention to the smallest details as we share the blessing around through this journey. It’s amazing how, by such simple act, we can all join hand to realize a kid’s dream. Together, we can do so much.

Photo by Benny Lim | 2017

Our Movement

One Fine Sky provides a collection of wearable stylish outfit that can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. The proceeds will be used to purchase sets of school uniforms to donate. Each set includes a shirt, a pair of pants / a skirt, a tie and a cap.

With a core belief of “because we are all dreamers”, One Fine Sky continuously generates new hope for education in Indonesia. We believe that every child should never stop dreaming, nor giving up, to achieve their dreams

Photo by Raymond Eliezer | 2017